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Product Registration

Thank you for your purchase from Dubai Audio. Only new products purchased from us may be registered for warranty coverage.



Only with the right people can we continue to grow, inspire and continue providing superlative service to our client's. To be a part of our team, look at our open positions and send us your application today.


Become a retailer

We know how important it is for a retailer always to have a strong portfolio of unique products to offer existing and new customers. If you are interested in working with us and the manufacturers whom we represent. We'd love to hear from you.

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The Trade and Contract programs at Dubai Audio provides exceptional service, preferential pricing and tailored services to residential developers, the hospitality industry, commercial developers, architects and interior designers.

For design professionals working on a single residence or small project, we offer our Trade Partner program.

For commercial and hospitality projects (including multi-unit residential developments), we offer our contract pricing on standard and customized products.

As a Trade or Contract customer, you’ll enjoy special buying privileges, competitive discounts and personalized service from our exceptional customer service and sales team. We offer you the convenience of having a single source for everything you need to deliver creative entertainment and interior furnishing solutions.